The Growth of Social Networks

Everyone is publishing. Anything is being published. Social Networks and Media are leading the way. This short info-graphic lead clip highlights the basic statistics and trends (accurate at time of upload) – Enjoy!


The Future of Publishing – ASSESS

Digital has affected multiple areas of publishing: the platforms used, the audience, marketing strategies and concepts. Primarily, it has made it easier for everyone to publish – not just the publishing companies. This has lead to a trend of self-publishing and caused people to find it harder for their content to be seen and have an audience for their published information. Continue reading

Book Cover Design with Mark Ecob – ASSESS

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a session with highly experienced and knowledgeable Designer and Art Director, Mark Ecob. Mark has worked in the design industry, specifically in book cover design, for 12 years. He started his own studio in 2010 and built up an international client blanket under the title of MECOB, producing book covers for the likes of Ian Banks, Alexander McCall Smith and Chris Brookmyre. Continue reading

Thinking Digitally – ASSESS

Do designers have to think differently with the growth of the eBook market share?

Released at the beginning of the month was the latest edition of ‘Global eBook: A Report on Market Trends and Developments’, published by Rudiger Wischenbart Content & Consulting. The report highlighted the topic of current market developments for the eBook industry in established areas including the United Kingdom, the United States, and the up and coming countries making use of this emerging technology. Continue reading